• The cost of poor mental health

    NHS England estimates that poor mental health costs the economy, NHS and society £105 billion every year in England (NSPCC. How safe are our children? 2016)

    Spend on services for children and young people has decreased by almost a third (29%) since 2010 - a cut of £3bn. London, The North West, The North East and Yorkshire and Humber have seen the largest decrease in funding

  • Barriers to success

    4 in 10 Londoners can’t afford a minimally decent standard of living. This is 3.6 million Londoners (Minimum Income Standard London)

    700,000 children living in London are below the poverty line, 37% of all children in the capital (Child Poverty Action Group)

    There are 450,000 more Londoners in working families in poverty compared to 10 years ago (Poverty London)

Our Initiatives

City Giving Day

With our partners, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal will strive to narrow gaps that exist in the City and beyond between those who have and those who do not and help to ensure that everyone is empowered to succeed.

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