Our Initiatives

We offer three exciting leadership programmes to change workplace cultures, the impact of which we are building on year on year.

of Diversity

The Power of Diversity series empowers organisations to collaborate in creating inclusive workplace cultures, providing tools and learnings to tackle the challenges of diverse representation.

Addressing issues such as gender, disability, inclusive leadership and untapped talent, this programme is making a huge impact on the professional culture of the City, providing a forum to showcase initiatives which become the blueprint to creating fully inclusive workplaces and equal opportunities for all.

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This is Me
& The Green Ribbon

Mental health is a critical and growing issue for society and this pioneering initiative aims to break down barriers and end the stigma.

Already reaching over 400,000 people, this programme gets people talking and taking action to improve their own mental wellbeing, and that of their colleagues. The Green Ribbon Campaign is a visible movement of support for anyone experiencing a mental health problem. It shows people that they are not alone.

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Giving Day

City Giving Day is a simple initiative that reaches over 250,000 employees and invites them to celebrate their huge philanthropic and volunteering achievements.

It is good for business, good for employees, and good for the City and the local community.

The aim is to raise awareness of the issues the City faces and inspire employees to become part of the solution, by championing, showcasing and celebrating the good the City already does.

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With your support, we can make an unprecedented change to help one million people thrive. Your donation will make a lifetime of difference to children with Place2Be, create somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to for teenagers with OnSide Youth Zones, and create more supportive workplaces, families and communities to save lives with Samaritans.