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Changing perceptions. Sharing skills to inspire the future workforce.

When 64% young women, aged 17 - 21, believe that, all being equal, employers prefer to hire men over women, something has to change.

Join the afternoon part of an all day event to encourage the next generation of young women to consider roles in the City. From 2pm - 5pm at East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf, 43 Bank Street, London E14 5NX, the event consolidates and highlights the skills of confidence, communication, problem solving, and initiative that the young women have practised whilst visiting different organisations in the morning.

The first part of the afternoon session is an opportunity for tables of 10 (1 male ally, 1 senior leader, 1 real model, a table facilitator and 6 young women) to work together to find a solution to Davinia Tomlinson’s problem of why women living in rural areas choose to save instead of invest their money. Clues, information, and red herrings will be provided to help guide the groups towards an idea.

The session also consists of a panel, a pledge, and the opportunity to network with the young women and inspire them to see themselves in roles like yours.

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