2 April

City Stories: GPP Wealth Solutions

Why are you supporting City Giving Day? 

GPP is always looking to give something back to the City as together, we can make a bigger impact on those around us. By supporting City Giving Day, we will continue to engage all of Team GPP in our fundraising activities to focus our efforts on making a real difference. 

Which charities or communities do you support? 

GPP group supports a number of charities in London, and also around our offices in Cape Town and Hong Kong. This year in London we are supporting the homeless through SWAT and Women Empowered. We are also fundraising for Save the Children and Great Ormond Street Hospital through CASCAID. 

How will you celebrate City Giving Day? 

We are heavily influenced by the City Giving Day official pub quiz on the 24th September! We will be bringing the pub quiz home to all of Team GPP, pitching teams against each other to see who is crowned the king of the quizzes. 

Which charity are you supporting, why are you supporting it? 

We support local communities in London, working towards making a difference to people’s lives and improving their prospects. We also support Save the Children to fight for children, globally, every single day.


"Very happy to be involved in City Giving Day, and looking forward to working together with the City to make a bigger impact."

Tom Wooders, Head of Wealth Solutions at GPP

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