9 March

She Can Be... at Media Trust Women's Voices 2020

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We were lucky enough to be one of the charities selected for the Media Trust Women’s Voices 2020 event. The event is in its fourth year, and brought together 150 committed media and creative industry professionals who want to share their communication skills and expertise to help 30 charities that support, campaign and advocate for women and girls, as part of International Women’s Day activity.

Francesca Baker, Marketing and Communications, went along, to work with a team to build a communications and media strategy for the She Can Be… initiative.

We were partnered with representatives from Google, Mediacom, Wavemake, and Walt Disney, each experts in their field. Their enthusiasm and expertise helped broaden our horizons, focus our objectives, and give clarity on the tactics needed to achieve our aims.

We now have a clear plan on how we can create an ongoing rapport with the participants by making them feel welcome; generate a buzz around the day and encourage young women to see the City as a ‘cool’ place; embed She Can Be… into other online movements surrounding female empowerment; create energy and enthusiasm around the initiative, and encourage young women to engage throughout the year; and attract more businesses to get involved, as more host organisations means more young women can take part.

The team were surprised at just how much communications professionals in the charity sector need to do on limited resource – no devoted paid search teams for us here! The generosity to share their skills and advice means that we now have some of the knowledge needed to expand our reach and achieve our communications goals. We have defined target audiences, honed our messages, and identified the activities that we need to integrate in the short and long term.

We are very grateful to the Media Trust for the opportunity. Media Trust, as a charity, works in partnership with the media and creative industry to give marginalised groups and young people a stronger voice. They encourage the media and creative industry to share their time, knowledge and creativity to benefit charities, under-represented communities and young people, amplifying charities’ voices by developing their communication and digital skills to help them connect better with their audiences.

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