• Mental health impacts everyone

    9 in 10 employees have been touched by mental health challenges (themselves or a family member) (Accenture, It’s not 1in4; It’s all of us report, 2018)

  • A Stigma still exists

    61% of those facing a mental health challenge had not spoken to anyone at work. (Accenture, It’s not 1in4; It’s all of us report, 2018)

    Only 16% of employees felt able to disclose a mental health issue to their line manager (BITC Mental Health at Work 2018)

  • It’s effecting business

    £33bn - £42bn

    £33bn - £42bn is the annual cost to employers of poor mental health (Deloitte, Mental Health and Wellbeing in Employment, 2017)

    More needs to be done, but there is the will

    85% of managers now acknowledge that employee wellbeing is their responsibility but only 30% of line managers have taken part in mental health training (BITC Mental Health at Work 2018)

Our Initiative

This is Me

Changing attitudes towards mental health in the workplace

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Within the This is Me initiative, we also run the following campaigns:

The Green Ribbon

A simple, but powerful, message: “Together we can end the stigma”.

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Wellbeing in the Workplace

A workforce that is bolder and more confident in listening.

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