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MQ Mental Health Research is the UK’s leading mental health research charity.

Their vision is to create a world where mental illnesses are understood, effectively treated,
and eventually prevented. They do this through launching research across the translational spectrum, putting impact at the heart of all they do.

MQ Mental Health

Develop skills for life and work

  • 1 in 10

    1 in 10 people report feeling hopeless about their financial situation

  • 1 in 3

    1 in 3 report feeling increased stress and anxiety

  • £2.4bn

    In the UK, mental ill-health is the leading cause of sickness absence, costing employers approximately £2.4 billion each year with 70 million workdays lost.

Our work

Coping with the cost-of-living crisis

Support from The Lord Mayor’s Appeal has enabled MQ Mental Health Research to conduct timely new research to help the nation better respond to the mental health issues arising from the cost-of-living crisis. This research outlines actionable, compassionate, and evidence-based recommendations for how different sectors across society can respond to the crisis and provide effective solutions to support people’s mental health.

MQ Mental Health Research is the only charity exclusively investing in scientific research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of mental illness. Through GALENOS – a resource making it easier for everyone including patients, funders and researchers to access scientific literature about anxiety, depression and psychosis - The Lord Mayor’s Appeal is helping to support the best and brightest researchers across the globe as they work to find the answers we need to transform the face of mental health, from developing new evidence-based treatments to identifying the factors that put people at risk.

Cost-of-living crisis: Read the full report

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MQ Mental Health

Making an impact

  • 7

    7 cutting-edge new research projects funded through MQ’s prestigious Fellows Programme 

  • £5.78

    £5.78 in further funding secured for every £1 invested by MQ

  • 1 in 5

    1 in 5 of MQ’s studies have influenced mental health policy 

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