The Green Ribbon

A national and international movement

As part of This is Me, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal run the Green Ribbon campaign to #endthestigma around mental health in the workplace.

How does it work?

How does it work

Give a Green Ribbon to #endthestigma for everyone, everywhere

Every year The Lord Mayor’s Appeal runs the Green Ribbon campaign to mark Mental Health Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day,

We ask businesses to wear green ribbons to enable organisations to support their employees with their mental health and wellbeing.

A visible movement of support in your workplace.
Show those struggling they are not alone.
Encourage people to share their stories.

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The Green Ribbon

The impact of our work

  • 230

    Over 230 businesses took part in the Green Ribbon campaign in 2020

  • 90

    Our virtual Green Ribbons were worn in over 90 cities for World Mental Health Day 2020

  • 170,000

    Over 170,000 ribbons worn nationwide


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You can purchase or download any of the Green Ribbon Campaign resources here for your business to support Mental Health Awareness. 

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The Green Ribbon

Frequently asked questions

Is there a theme?
The theme for 2021's Mental Health Awareness Week is  ‘Nature'.  This theme is meant to celebrate the positive impact that nature can have on your wellbeing, as well as explore the barriers that prevent people from being able to experience the natural world’s mental health benefits.
What are we offering?
We are offering a range of digital assets this year to help raise awareness around mental health, as well as our physical Green Ribbons and Green Ribbon pin badges. Whether you want to take part in one activity, or encourage your employees to participate in a number, we have a variety of different options available to help you mark Mental Health Awareness Week from 10-16 May.
How do I get involved?
Simply download the resources that you would like to use from our Green Ribbon website. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to take part in the campaign online, so you can also download Green Ribbon toolkit with further instructions on how to plan and share your campaign with your networks and colleagues, and support one another to #endthestigma.
Why do you need my details to download the digital resources?
We ask for your details so that we're able to measure the impact of the virtual campaign by tracking the number of downloads, and to stay in touch with you about future campaigns. 
Is there a cost?
You are welcome to donate to The Lord Mayor’s Appeal if you’d like to raise money to help #endthestigma, though the campaign’s primary aim is to raise awareness around mental health.

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