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The need to change perceptions

  • 67%

    53% of 11-21 year old young women believe there are certain subjects and careers they are expected to do because they are a girl.

    (Girls' Attitude Survey, 2020)

  • 87%

    87% of young women believe that gender stereotypes hold them back in careers. 

    (Young Women’s Career Aspirations, Chwarae Teg, 2018)

  • 36%

    36% of young women, compared to 25% of young men, work in sectors that have been shut down due to the pandemic.

    (Young Women’s Trust, 2020)

How are we doing that?

Our initiatives

She Can Be

In a society where young women believe they do not have the same chances in business as their male counterparts, She Can Be aims to change this perception and empower young women to see the City as not only a viable, but an exciting career option for them.

How does it work?

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How does it work

Empowering young women to make informed decisions about their careers 

She can be aims aims to boost young women’s confidence in their abilities by equipping them with the tools to consider careers in the City, if they want one.

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The impact of our work

  • 88%

    88% of young women felt empowered to make decisions about their careers after attending She Can Be.

  • 80%

    80% of young women would consider a career in the City after attending She Can Be.

  • 90%

    90% employees felt that they understood the way that young women are feeling about entering the workplace after attending She Can Be.

"Raising aspirations for young women and preparing them for a future world of work."

At Standard Chartered, our participation in She Can Be aims to support our Futuremakers strategy by raising aspirations for young women and preparing them for a future world of work.

Watch She Can Be at Standard Chartered

For this year’s She Can Be we were delighted to guide some remarkable young women through interactive sessions and talks that uncovered some of the exciting roles that exist within banking today and the transferable skills that could help them prepare for new jobs emerging or a more varied career which might span a number of different roles. 

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She Can Be

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