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Low numeracy is holding 3.5 million Londoners back from fulfilling their potential, by increasing vulnerability to unemployment, debt, fraud and financial exclusion.

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal will be supporting a new campaign with National Numeracy  ‘Every Londoner Counts’ throughout 2022 and beyond. This initiative will improve employability and financial inclusion, by supporting thousands of Londoners in greatest need to build confidence, skills, and positive attitudes to basic numeracy through a network of 500 newly trained Numeracy Champions.

The joint effort of The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and National Numeracy will help Londoners gain the crucial number skills they need to thrive.

National Numeracy: The impact of our work

National Numeracy

Develop skills for life and work

  • ½

    Around ½ of UK adults only have the numeracy we'd expect of primary school children

  • 2x

    People with poor numeracy skills are more than twice as likely to face unemployment

  • £20.2bn

    It is estimated that poor numeracy skills cost the economy £20.2 billion every year

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