An Inclusive City

Barriers to break down

  • 80%

    Those from working class backgrounds are 80% less likely to make it into professional jobs.

    (State of the Nation 2018-19: Social Mobility in Great Britain, Social Mobility Commission, 2019)

  • 24%

    People from working class backgrounds earn 24% less a year than those from professional backgrounds.

    (State of the Nation 2018-19: Social Mobility in Great Britain, Social Mobility Commission, 2019)

  • 47%

    Those with non-white backgrounds were 47% more likely to be working on a zero-hours contract than their white counterparts.

    (Leadership 10 000, Green Park, 2018)

How are we changing that?

Our initiatives

Power of Inclusion

Our industry-leading forum and workshop series breaks down barriers to inclusion by empowering organisations to create inclusive workplace cultures.

How does it work

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How does it work

A space to learn from colleagues in other industries and hear from speakers with similar challenges

Inclusive workplaces are more productive, commercially successful, and have a happier
and more engaged workforce.

Through membership of the Power of Inclusion series, member organisations collaborate for change, hear about innovative programmes that are already proven to be successful, and share lessons learned.

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Power of Inclusion

The impact of our work

  • 100%

    100% of attendees say that they would recommend the Power of Inclusion series to a colleague.

  • 92%

    92% of attendees said the seminars have given them an increased awareness of solutions
    to issues around social mobility.

  • 85%

    85% of attendees said the seminars have inspired them to address an area of social mobility within their organisation.

We are proud to support The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and to be part of its ongoing work to improve diversity, inclusion and wellbeing in the workplace”.

Edward Braham
Senior Partner

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Power of Inclusion

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