Every day in the UK, 16 people die by suicide and every 6 seconds someone in crisis contacts Samaritans for help. With calls to Samaritans helpline increasing by almost 40,000 per month over the last year, and workplace stress and anxiety a serious issue,  the need to understand and support good emotional health in everyone is greater than ever before.

One in five adults will experience suicidal feelings at some point in their lives  and City workers are no different. Feeling overwhelmed and as if you can’t go on is not unusual. In most cases these feelings subside, things change and life goes on. But when you suffer in silence and try to cope alone those thoughts and feelings can become more dangerous.

Samaritans, in partnership with The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and the This Is Me campaign, have developed an online wellbeing programme which will give employees the skills they need to manage their own emotional health as well as being able to support those around them, well before those feelings reach crisis point.

We will create a workforce that is bolder and more confident in listening, communicating and knowing how to support themselves as well as colleagues, family or friends who are struggling to cope.


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Learning Resources

Samaritans has created two learning resources to promote wellbeing and resilience, and share expertise in active listening.

The first resource, Samaritans Wellbeing Toolkit, delivers a compelling story highlighting the key learning messages, reinforced by case studies and input from experts in the field. The second resource,  Samaritans Active Listening Skills,  provides a practical  introduction to our Listening Skills,  delivered through online learning with reinforcement through role plays.

Employees will be able to learn at their own pace, at their desk or at home.

In as little as five minutes, employees can learn skills that will help them understand the importance of emotional health and have the confidence to reach out to a colleague, friend or family member who might be struggling to cope.

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