• Empowering young women to make informed decisions about their careers - framing the City as not only a viable, but an exciting option for them.

  • Key Facts

    88% of young women felt empowered to make decisions about their careers after She Can Be...

    86% of young women would consider a career in the City after the event

    90% of employees felt more confident about the tangible action they can take to empower women in the workplace


Committing to gender equality

Tina Christou
Global Head of CSR & Charity Day

We are committed to ensuring that our culture and workplace are inclusive. We aspire to be an employer of choice for people from all backgrounds, including those under-represented in the City.

We were delighted to take part in She Can Be…. this year, hosting a group of young women who participated in a ‘Beginner Broker’ technology simulation. Inspiring young women in this way is immensely rewarding for colleagues at TP ICAP and we hope this kind of activity will attract the next generation of brokers by providing insight into the different career opportunities available in the City.


Read our Executive summary to learn more about how the sessions work, and how to take part.

Executive summary

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