The Lord Mayor’s Appeal strategy
Creating a Better City for All - with the goal of helping 1 million individuals thrive

Historically TLMA has been income focused, but now it’s becoming more strategic and impact driven.

Following consultation with over 100 stakeholders and external experts, a model has been developed, which will be owned by each incumbent Lord Mayor, to generate a more consistent level of support and engagement with the City.

Achieving our aims

By raising funds and harnessing and directing the human/financial power of the City behind solving a problem that is not currently being solved to create:

An Inclusive City 
A Healthy City 
A Skilled City 
A Fair City

"It is so encouraging to hear about the direction the Lord Mayor’s Appeal is taking.

Not only will this be positive for the City it will clearly make a greater impact in areas of identified need and will help make a Better City for All."

Elizabeth Corley,
Vice-Chair, Allianz Global Investors GmbH


Over the next five years we will use these four pillars to create a Better City for All through six strategic priorities:

  • Raising funds to support charities/projects
  • Showcasing successful initiatives implemented by City companies
  • Providing the tools and initiatives to enable City companies to tackle specific diversity topics, e.g. gender, disability, etc.
  • Enabling collaboration across the City to tackle specific issues
  • Leading City-wide campaigns and initiatives
  • Developing concepts and initiatives that tackle an issue to provide a solution/intervention that can be replicated, rolled out or become mainstream.

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal Advisory Board (LMAAB)

The LMAAB exists to support the Appeal in helping maximise its impact in making it a better City for all


  • Karina Robinson (Chair LMAAB)
  • Edward Braham 
  • Dominic Christian
  • Michael Cole-Fontayn
  • Elizabeth Corley
  • Douglas Flint
  • Peter Harrison
  • Antonio Horta-Osorio
  • Sue Langley
  • Charles Martin
  • Anne Richards
  • Xavier Rolet
  • Sam Smith
  • Lance Uggla
  • Steve Varley