We partner with three organisations, who are leading experts in addressing social issues, to deliver ground breaking programmes.


Making a lifetime of difference to children.

Our partnership will enable Place2Be to deliver a transformational mental health programme in 180 schools in London.

This new programme will equip school leaders in London with the skills and knowledge to support their pupils’ emotional and mental health.

Learn more about the inroads Place2Be have made in our first partnership year:

Place to be: Danielle’s Story

  • The issue in numbers


    75% of mental health problems start in childhood.

  • The issue in numbers


    3 children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health problem.

  • The issue in numbers


    10 years is the average time a child with mental health difficulties goes between first becoming unwell and getting any help.

Somewhere to go, something to do, someone to talk to.

Our partnership will enable OnSide to build 5 new state of the art Youth Zones in areas of high deprivation in London.

Young people are desperate for positive alternatives and safe, affordable places to go.

These new Youth Zones will give hope for the future to young people by providing resources and support to tackle issues such as mental health, crime and employability prospects.

Learn more about the inroadsOnSide Youth Zones have made in our first partnership year:

OnSide: Leah’s Story

  • The issue in numbers


    1:3 children are living below the poverty line.

  • The issue in numbers


    80 youth clubs and youth projects in London have been forced to close, because of cuts to funding.

  • The issue in numbers


    83% of London Council decision makers believe that universal youth services are key to prevention in areas such as health and crime, employment and community cohesion.

One life lost 
is one too many.

Our partnership has enabled Samaritans to develop a revolutionary online wellbeing programme for employees in London and beyond.

The new Wellbeing in the City programme brings Samaritans’ expertise and a lifeline of support into the workplace, giving employees the skills and confidence to support the emotional health of themselves and others.

Learn more about the inroads Samaritans have made in our first partnership year:

Samaritans: Nicole’s Story

  • The issue in numbers


    Samaritans receive a call every 6 seconds.

  • The issue in numbers


    Suicide is the leading cause of death for people aged 20-34.

  • The issue in numbers


    Every 90 minutes someone dies by suicide.

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