• Samaritans, in partnership with The Lord Mayor's Appeal and the This Is Me campaign, have developed an online wellbeing programme which will give employees the skills they need to manage their own emotional health as well as being able to support those around them, well before those feelings reach crisis point.

    We will create a workforce that is bolder and more confident in listening, communicating and knowing how to support themselves as well as colleagues, family or friends who are struggling to cope.


Darran’s Story

You don’t have to face it alone

Having struggled with alcohol in the past and finding himself homeless, Darran turned to Samaritans when he was finding life tough.

It was pretty difficult the first time I rang Samaritans. I was homeless by that point and drinking quite heavily. I’d had suicide attempts in the past, but a lot of that was when I was drunk.

Half of the battle when you find yourself in these positions is just being listened to, properly listened to.

Darran, 37

I woke up one morning and I didn’t have that to hide behind and I didn’t want to not be there. It just so happens I was in that moment and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I reached out and called Samaritans and I’m really glad I did.

For me, talking to someone feels like a sense of achievement. I get a rush of emotion when someone listens. You don’t have to face it alone, you can get there, just speak to someone.

You don’t have to face it alone, you can get there, just speak to someone.

Darran has now been a listening volunteer for three years and is sharing his story to encourage other people who may be struggling to seek help by calling Samaritans.


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