I am delighted to continue to work with my colleagues Aldermen William Russell and Charles Bowman to have a transformational impact on people’s lives

Bringing together businesses, employees, neighbouring communities, and charities to find solutions to some of London’s most pressing societal issues.

Alderman Peter Estlin
The Rt Hon The Lord Mayor
of the City of London




Our six strategic aims are:

  1. raising funds to support charities/projects that address at least two of the pillars
  2. showcasing successful initiatives implemented in companies addressing the pillars
  3. providing companies with tools and initiatives to enable them to tackle specific diversity topics eg: gender, disability, social mobilit
  4. enabling collaboration across the City to tackle specific issues under each pillar
  5. leading City-wide campaigns and initiatives during a year to address a challenge under each pillar
  6. incubating concepts and initiatives through a collaborative approach that tackles an issue to provide a solution/intervention that can be replicated, rolled out, or become mainstream.



We would not be able to achieve our aims without you and in particular our Corporate Partners.

As I can say from experience the convening power of the Lord Mayor is impressive and linked with the collaboration and backing of City businesses and the skill of our charity partners it will enable us to continue to achieve our common ambition to help one million people thrive and create A Better City for All.

Charles Bowman
Alderman and Former Lord Mayor

We are very proud to have been working alongside our three special partners 

to deliver change in creating an Inclusive, Healthy, Skilled and Fair City. Place2Be have launched their Mental Health Champions programme in schools, OnSide Youth Zones will be opening their doors at three sites early next year, and Samaritans Wellbeing in the City has been launched and is successfully rolling out in companies.

William Russell
Senior Alderman Below the Chair

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