White executives hold 96.7% of Top 3 roles in FTSE 100 companies, compared to 3.3% held by BAME leaders (Green Park, 2018)

  • Disability

    7.6million people in the UK of working age have a disability (National Audit Office, March 2019)

    An astonishing 50% of them are unemployed (House of Commons Library, Andrew Powell 2019)

  • Social mobility

    People from working class backgrounds earn 24% less a year than those from professional backgrounds (National Audit Office, March 2019)


    Almost one in five (18%) of LGBTQ employees have experienced derogatory comments or behaviour from their fellow co-workers (LGBT in Britain - Work Report)

Our Initiatives

Power of Inclusion

The City has made good progress over the last few years, with significant support and drive from senior leaders who recognise that organisations which adopt a culture of inclusion reap commercial rewards and contribute to more inclusive society. However more remains to be done.

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