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The key to a successful organisation is having a motivated and happy workforce. There are lots of things organisations can do to create this environment, however one thing underpins everything - managers. We can’t expect to have a diverse workforce if we don’t have managers who value, facilitate and champion diversity themselves.

In this breakfast we’ll look into what organisations can do to get their middle managers passionate about diversity, and stop these initiatives getting stuck in the permafrost in the middle. From mentoring and engagement, learning and development interventions, tools to help managers overcome unconscious bias, to how setting targets can create the momentum for change.

At Bank of England each team is empowered to take responsibility of the diversity within the organisation. Learn from Simon Fillery, Head of Inclusion, how through their transparent Inclusion Strategy they have increased their employee engagement by 6%.

Setting targets that affect remuneration is often debated in the area of diversity initiatives - learn how to positively implement this way of working, and see the impact it can have.

How can organisations put managers at the centre of their diversity initiatives? Jazz Bhogal, Deputy Director Diversity & Inclusion at Civil Service will share how some practical steps, including shifting towards inclusion and holding systems to account, can create and maintain ownership in this vital group.



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