We offer our corporate partners a unique way to amplify their social and commercial impact.

With unrivalled access to the City’s leading firms and their executives, our Appeal team are experts in supporting our corporate partners to make a meaningful and lasting impact with their employees, the communities they serve and their wider stakeholders.

The partnerships we develop are also enriched by the convening power of the Lord Mayor as the head of the City of London Corporation and an influential ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services sector.

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    Supporting the work of our three charities

    As a corporate partner your business will directly help The Lord Mayor’s Appeal’s charity beneficiaries to realise a transformative project over three years.

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    Thought Leadership Initiatives

    As a corporate partner your business will have the opportunity to participate in The Lord Mayor’s Appeal’s thought leadership programmes, which have been developed in response to some of the most critical concerns affecting working cultures in the City.

    We also provide opportunities for our partners to taking a leading role in shaping the direction of our initiatives through hosting events and participating in their exclusive Steering Groups.

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    Employee Engagement Opportunities

    As a corporate partner of the Appeal your company will be invited to a series of City Giving Day breakfasts hosted by the Lord Mayor and supported with your City Giving Day plans.

    We can also share bespoke volunteering opportunities offered by our beneficiary charities.

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    Corporate Entertainment and Networking

    Many of our engagement events take place at the Mansion House, which is one of the City’s most historic and beautiful buildings as well as being the official business residence for the Lord Mayor of the City of London.

    As a corporate partner your business will have the opportunity to attend events at this prestigious venue in the company of the Lord Mayor of the City of London. Many of these events are social and fundraising events that are perfect for corporate networking and client entertainment.

Watch the Aon Story

Being a corporate partner of The Lord Mayor’s Appeal has elevated the way AON is perceived by clients and our wider stakeholders. I think that’s because it’s provided us with fun and meaningful ways to connect with those around us; in the communities we serve and with our colleagues day to day.

Much of this owes to the incredible charities we get to support; The Samaritans, Place 2 Be and OnSide Youth Zones. The more we get to learn about their work, the more motivated we are to support them.

Connect with
influential figures

Making a positive impact in this way is something that any organisation would want to be a part of. What’s especially valuable about our involvement is that the Appeal operates from the heart of the City of London. As a result it’s been fantastic at providing AON with access to areas of business we’re less familiar with and helping us discover how we can better work alongside them.

For us, we think we can connect with the Insurance industry really easily, but The Lord Mayor’s Appeal has enabled us to connect with influential figures across the wider financial services industry and learn more about their business challenges and opportunities, which crucially, we may be able to help them with.


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