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Mental health
impacts everyone

  • US$ 1 Trilion

    Depression and anxiety have a significant economic impact; the estimated cost to the global economy is US$ 1 trillion per year in lost productivity.


  • 91m

    In the UK an estimated 91 million workdays are lost every year due to mental health problems. 


  • 57%

    Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a 57% increase in anxiety.


How are we changing that?

Our initiatives

This is Me

This is Me is comprised of three unique tools to support organisations raise awareness and end the stigma around mental health in the workplace.

We strive to build the skills of your people to talk about mental health confidently.

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    This is Me Storytelling Tools to open up the conversation
    The Green Ribbon A national and international movement to #endthestigma
    Wellbeing in the Workplace A workforce with the confidence to listen

How does it work

This year, more than ever, employees have needed support with their mental health. 

We know that when employees feel comfortable speaking about mental health, it is good for people, good for society and good for business.

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This is Me

The impact of our work

  • 78%

    78% of organisations say employees have increased awareness of mental health in the workplace.

  • 80%

    80% of organisations say more employees talk openly about mental health in their workplace as a result of their This is Me activities.

  • 69%

    69% of organisations say stigma around mental health in the workplace has reduced.

"This is Me is about real people who work for Fidelity sharing their own personal experience of mental health. Our first This is Me video in 2017 was a real catalyst for change; it helped our employees to feel comfortable, supported and able to talk openly about mental health in the workplace."

Natasha Wilson
Founder of the Mental Health Champions Network
Fidelity International

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This is Me: 
Sally Evans, Wellbeing Lead (PwC), on collaboration

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