An Inclusive City

Barriers to break down

  • 10%

    Only 10% of those from working-class backgrounds reach Britain’s higher managerial, professional, or cultural occupations.

  • 25%

    Just 24-25% of working class people from Bangladeshi and Pakistani backgrounds make it into professional jobs.

  • 51%

    When the pandemic hit, only 51% of households earning between £6,000 to £10,000 had home internet access, compared with 99% of households with an income over £40,000.

How are we changing that?

Our initiatives

Power of Inclusion

Our industry-leading forum and workshop series breaks down barriers to inclusion by empowering organisations to create inclusive workplace cultures.

How does it work

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How does it work

A space to learn from colleagues in other industries and hear from speakers with similar challenges

Inclusive workplaces are more productive, commercially successful, and have a happier and more engaged workforce.

Through membership of the Power of Inclusion series, member organisations collaborate for change, hear about innovative programmes that are already proven to be successful, and share lessons learned.

Our upcoming events

Montage of still photos taken from power of inclusion initiative video. people telling their stories.

The impact of our work

  • 400

    Over 400 people attended our Power of Inclusion two year social mobility seminar series.

  • 98%

    98% of respondents said the seminars have given them an increased awareness of solutions
    to issues around social mobility.

  • 99%

    99% of attendees said the seminars have inspired them to address an area of social mobility within their organisation.

“Standard Chartered is proud to partner with The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and sponsor its 2021 storytelling campaign ’Change Starts Together’. Through the campaign, we helped raise awareness of the importance of social mobility within the City of London by sharing useful insights and knowledge with other businesses.

Eva Polykandrioti
Senior Manager
Europe Corporate Affairs, Brand & Marketing

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