16 July

Standing together against racism

As an organisation, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal has been shocked and saddened to see the abhorrent racial abuse suffered by members of our own English Football team across social media. Abuse and discrimination of any kind is something we believe should be tolerated in any form.

Within our own pillars of work in the City of London and beyond, we are looking to help create ‘A Better City For All.’ Within this area we recognise the racial injustices experienced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people and are helping to put into place best practices for businesses and the community as a whole, which can help to make positive change. 

Our core values of inclusion, wellbeing and fairness for the City remain the same and we continue to be committed to lead by example through our work at The Lord Mayors Appeal, as well as within our homes and in our communities.

Nobody should be subjected to racial hate and it is the responsibility of us all to ensure the conversation around this issue is heard and real progress is made.

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