27 June

The Green Ribbon campaign 2022

As part of our This is Me initiative The Green Ribbon campaign was run this year to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week which in 2022 focused on the theme of loneliness. 

Each year the Green Ribbon Campaign continues to work towards ending the stigma around mental health in the workplace and we encourage organisations and individuals to get involved in the campaign. This can be by sharing green ribbons, turning their social media green and downloading our other green ribbon resources to help open the conversation around mental health. 

This year we had over 170 organisations take part in the campaign and the Green Ribbon travelled to over 42 cities including Aberdare, Bath, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton & Windsor, to name a few, making it a truly widespread showing of support.

As a change in 2022 all our resources for the Green Ribbon campaign were available on our This is Me Resources Hub which allowed companies to download everything in one go and organise their campaign for the week. 

You can find out more about our This is Me initiative and how your company can get involved by heading here

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