28 October

Lord Mayor's Ride Around The City 2022

The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress completed their 'Ride Around The City' on 28 October 2022 which involved visiting a number of Livery halls and City landmarks on horseback. Spirits were high as the Lord Mayor was greeted by a welcome party at each stop. Grocers’ Hall was the first stop after mounting up in Guildhall Yard, followed by a quick stop at Mansion House and a visit to Drapers Hall. Next up was Armourers Hall followed by Girdlers Hall and Brewers Hall. The procession then moved on to Wax Chandlers Hall, Saddlers Hall and Goldsmiths Hall before heading to the final stops at the Pewterers Hall and Ironmongers Hall. Finally arriving back at Guildhall Yard to conclude the Ride.

The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress were accompanied by the Light Cavalry HAC and mounted City of London police who we thank for their time and support. 

The Appeal would like to thank all the Livery companies who took part as well as all the individuals who donated to the Appeal en-route. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress are still fundraising for the Ride. If you would like to sponsor them then please visit here.

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