10 May

M&G celebrates the visibility of role models for Mental Health Awareness Week

We asked the businesses taking part in our Mental Health Awareness Week City of London Roadshow to share their wellbeing in the workplace stories, the first comes from M&G...    

M&G colleagues have shared their personal mental health, well-being and disability stories since 2019. In that time, we’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response from colleagues and leaders. The campaign has allowed us to create visible role models that encapsulate our open culture and allowed us to break down the barriers that can prevent open conversations about mental health, well-being and disability. 

Through This is Me, our colleagues continue to share personal stories on a range of topics, from gender identity and autism to addiction, suicide, menopause, depression, anxiety, domestic violence and prenatal loss.

Mark McLane, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being at M&G plc says: 

“M&G is proud to support This is me. Visibility builds trust.  Authentic stories that capture a whole person, allow us to remove stigma, and openness helps us create a workplace and environment where it’s OK for colleagues to ask for help. Changing people’s perceptions isn’t easy, but the authenticity and openness of shared stories ensure our colleagues can be their best self. Through This is Me, our colleagues are shaping what it means to work in and be a part of a diverse, open and inclusive organisation.”  

A key driver of our support for the campaign is to drive awareness of the internal and external resources available to support colleagues. Through their stories, colleagues share firsthand the support and help that guided them, and we are able to highlight the wealth of internal resources available to M&G colleagues. Some colleagues who share their story also go on to host a live well-being session as part of our Well-being Wednesday events. These sessions, run through our team of global Mental Health First Aiders, allow colleagues to share more of their story, answer questions and peer to peer support for colleagues who may be going through similar circumstances. 

For more on mental health awareness register for the This is Me hub here

Read more on M&G's approach to diversity and inclusion here 

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