19 September

Why sign up for our This is Me event?

Head of Programmes Matt Bentall tells us why your company must attend our This is Me event this autumn

There is something very satisfying about having lunch outdoors. Fresh air, a memory of a holiday, being away from the pings of the canteen microwaveThe Lord Mayor’s Appeal team took full advantage of the warm end to the summer in London before the recent rain reminded us that autumn is on its way.  

The colder months can provide a challenge for us all. Shorter days and longer nights give rise to Seasonal Affective Disorder, the weather can keep us from enjoying a walk at lunchtime, makes it harder to maintain the physical activities that keep our engine running smoothly,whilst the approach of the festive season at a time where money is ever increasingly scarce can be a source of stress, with the conveyor belt of social occasions a source of anxiety for many.  

As organisations you will be all too aware of this and are no doubt looking at how you can best support your employees and encourage self-care through the winter and beyond. A key element will be maintaining workplaces where staff feel safe and able to speak about their wellbeing and work with their managers to support their mental and physical health. 

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal This is Me Autumn event, supported by BNY Mellon, will explore how organisations can create psychologically safe workplaces that support the workforce to approach mental health in an open way.  

Psychological safety is about creating a team environment that allows colleagues to speak up about fears, concerns, escalations and innovations; equally, it’s about creating a culture that welcomes hidden differences and encourages people to be their true authentic selves - together, these aspects contribute to a sense of belonging that ultimately contribute towards a team’s productivity.  

This workshop will hear from speakers sharing both direct and indirect experiences of mental health and the insights they have gathered along the way, supported by roundtable discussions where peers from across the City’s of London, Manchester and beyond to collaborate and to exchange best practice. 

To find out more or register, please contact thisisme@thelordmayorsappeal.org 

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