11 October

We Can Be marks #DayoftheGirl

October 11 is International Day of the Girl and Head of Programmes for We Can Be, Carla Emmanuel tells us why there has never been a better time to support The Lord Mayor's Appeal in its aims to help young women to see The City as a viable career option. 

This year it is all about the amplification of girls’ voices, allowing them to lead and welcoming them into decision making spaces.

Girls from across the globe have the right to make and have their voice heard. They have a unique take on the world which has the potential impact our future in significant ways.  As the world opens itself more to women and girls, the ones we are celebrating today will be our future change makers and thought leaders.

Here at The Lord Mayors Appeal, our initiative We Can Be is all about changing perceptions of the City for young women to feel empowered to work here and thrive in their careers so that they may become future leaders and decision makers.

Since its inception We Can Be has welcomed over 1000 Students to 46 businesses who have shown them that their presence is much needed in City.  We are grateful to all the businesses past and present that have made this possible experience possible. 

Find out more about We Can Be here

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