20 October

Lord Mayor hails historic friendship between City and Crown

Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons tonight hailed the shared values of the City of London and His Majesty the King at a dinner at The Mansion House to mark the City’s role in the Coronation.

The City of London Corporation welcomed Their Majesties The King and Queen to the event, which was also attended by elected Members of the City Corporation’s Court of Common Council, City livery companies, and representatives of the UK financial services industry who are playing a leading role in sustainability.

Upon Their Majesties’ arrival, The King took part in a historic ceremony that traditionally takes place upon the first visit of a new Sovereign to the City of London, which began in 1689 with King William III. 

His Majesty was presented by Nicholas Lyons with the City Corporation’s Pearl Sword, representing the delegated authority of the Lord Mayor in the City, and which is thought to have been given to the organisation by Queen Elizabeth I in 1571. His Majesty then returned the Pearl Sword, confirming the Lord Mayor’s authority in the Square Mile when the Monarch is not present. The ceremony was performed by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, and on the occasions of Her Majesty’s Jubilees in 1977 and 2002.

Inside, The King and Queen viewed the Anointing Screen, which was gifted by the City Corporation and City Livery Companies for the most sacred moment of the Coronation, the Anointing of His Majesty. The Lord Mayor’s Coronation Robe, which was first worn by his predecessor for the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, was also on display. 

Speaking at the event, Lord Mayor Nicholas Lyons said

“The City and Crown enjoy such a deep relationship because we share your core values and aspirations for the nation. The Square Mile is universally regarded as the pre-eminent global financial centre, with a world-leading legal and regulatory system, and unparalleled breadth and depth of talent and innovation. This success is underpinned by His Majesty’s promotion of the UK on the world stage, and by the stability that constitutional monarchy provides. Though monarchs and Lord Mayors change, the close connection between City and Crown endures. We know that Your Majesties’ care for the wellbeing of our nation also endures. Your promotion and protection of our national values provide a vital fixed point around which our country’s activities can orbit, for the benefit of us all.”

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