11 March

Leading Light: Leyton UK

Why is City Giving Day good for business and why have you been involved? 

"City City Giving Day has provided an excellent opportunity for Leyton to promote the work we are doing with local charities and those less fortunate in the City of London. From an external perspective, this demonstrates to our clients and potential clients that we are not only focused on financial goals, but are also committed to long-term thinking and making a positive impact on society. Under the umbrella of our global CSR initiatives, as a group we have invested in projects focussing on sustainability, diversity and giving back to society on a regional level. We want to cement our reputation as a responsible business, and hope that this is reflected in how our clients perceive us.

Providing our employees with the opportunity to participate in charity activities such as the London to Paris 24-hour cycle promotes team spirit and camaraderie in the office, it also cements a sense of pride in themselves and their organisation. Participating in and supporting charity initiatives and activities through work helps give our employees a chance to step back from their busy office lives without feeling like they are taking time away from their work or families."

William Garvey, Managing Director at Leyton UK


Why did you get involved and what was great about City Giving Day? 

“City Giving Day is one of many days in the year when Leyton lets us showcase our own charitable and volunteering efforts with colleagues, clients, and the public. By giving back to the community and integrating this into our culture, Leyton has boomed, not only in employee engagement but also in our network; actively turning our workforce into a group of social entrepreneurs who are a force for good.” 

Jonny Byatt, Senior Associate at Leyton UK


Why do you think City Giving Day is important and what difference does it make to your charity/beneficiaries? 

“This was a great way for us to support and celebrate with Leyton the amazing fundraising of their staff. Being able to come and see the difference our work makes will hopefully inspire more staff to get involved and support our work.”

British Red Cross

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