18 March

Leading Light: Worldpay

Why is City Giving Day good for business and why have you been involved? 

“City Giving Day is a really important activity for Worldpay. It’s a day where we can come together as a community to give back to causes that are as diverse and dynamic as the businesses and corporations that call the City of London home.

Ensuring that all individuals have opportunities to progress no matter their background or the challenges they’ve faced is a focus for us at Worldpay. We want to give young people the best chance of succeeding and reaching their potential. We’ve been so honoured to work with long standing charity partner the Prince’s Trust as part of City Giving Day. The weeklong Explore Enterprise course was developed to help a group of young people take their first steps in setting up their own businesses. Providing them with a deeper understanding of what it involves whilst giving them the training and tools to help them start on their journey.

Working with the Prince’s Trust to deliver this initiative was a way for us to provide support to potential businesses, people with ideas, people with dreams, in terms of what they want to do and how they want to do it.”

Ron Kalifa, Executive Director at Worldpay Inc


Why did you get involved and what was great about City Giving Day? 

“At Worldpay, everything is about the 4cs – Colleagues, Customers, Company and Community and being involved in the City Giving Day was a great way for colleagues from across the business to come together and give back to our community. I really valued the opportunity to engage with young people from the Prince’s Trust and to help them start on their journey in becoming entrepreneurs. Receiving a visit from the Lord Mayor of London, Charles Bowman was the icing on top of a fantastic week.” 

Rebecca Blissett-Smith, Finance Analyst at Worldpay Inc


Why do you think City Giving Day is important and what difference does it make to your charity/beneficiaries? 

“We’re enormously grateful to Worldpay for the invaluable and unique experiences it has provided to young people in London during City Giving Day by running an Explore Enterprise Course at its office.”

Rumina Ali, Corporate Partnerships Manager, The Prince's Trust

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