9 May

City Stories: Euroclear

Why are you supporting City Giving Day? 

We are long-time supporters of City Giving Day and this year, as usual, we’ll be celebrating across all our main locations around the world. We like to use the occasion of City Giving Day to recognise all our volunteers and fundraisers and to welcome our charity partners.

Which charities or communities do you support? 

We support many charities across all our locations. Last year, on the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we selected 20 new projects to support and invited our partners to our celebration event in Brussels. As part of our 50th anniversary donations, we are supporting St Mungo’s Recovery college in London and a Barnado’s youth centre in Scotland.

How will you celebrate City Giving Day? 

Every year, we try to do something different. As well as the usual fundraising challenges, we like to take this opportunity to make a special announcement related to our CSR programme. Last year, we announced that we were donating a large sum of money to various community projects to celebrate our 50th anniversary. This year, we will focus on volunteering.

Which charity are you supporting, why are you supporting it? 

In London, we are supporting St Mungo’s and specifically their Recovery College, a pioneering learning programme which helps people rebuild their lives after experiencing homelessness by gaining new skills and qualifications. The Recovery College provides a supportive environment where people can spend time in a meaningful way, improve their confidence and build new relationships.

“Thanks to Euroclear’s support, the Recovery College has had great success running courses specifically tailored to finding work, as well as signposting to work related services including St Mungo’s employment team.”

Jay Hunt, Head of Partnerships at St Mungo’s

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