9 July

City Stories: Aiimi

Why are you supporting City Giving Day? 

CSR is a core element of our identity at Aiimi, especially supporting our long-term charity partner UK Youth. City Giving Day gives us a focal point to raise money for disadvantaged youth - and for our staff to have a bit of fun whilst doing it!

Which charities or communities do you support? 

UK Youth empowers young people to build bright futures regardless of their background. As an organisation we have run marathons, baked cakes, skydived and climbed mountains to fundraise for UK Youth. We have also run coding sessions alongside Microsoft to help young people solve real-world business problems.

How will you celebrate City Giving Day? 

This year we’re looking to raise the bar! We’re bringing together companies from our office building to take part in a static bike challenge along with a bake sale to raise funds for UK Youth. We’ll also be showcasing Aiimi cares and how we tackle mental health within the workplace.

Which charity are you supporting, why are you supporting it? 

This year we invited UK youth to our Insight and Answers event. Over 60 companies attended, enabling UK Youth to share their message with an engaged audience.


“I want us to be transformational, even if that’s changing one person’s life by teaching them new skills or financial support.”

Steve Salvin, CEO of Aiimi


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