10 September

City Stories: City of London Corporation

Why are you supporting City Giving Day? 

We are focussing on volunteering: telling the story of the difference it makes to the beneficiary and the volunteer themselves. Through our go #RedToPledge campaign, culminating on CGD, we aim to inspire our staff to take up their employer supported volunteer hours and increase our corporate contribution for 2019-20.

Which charities or communities do you support? 

Across the City of London Corporation, we are proud of our work making our capital a better place, in particular through our Philanthropy, Social Mobility and Volunteering strategies. Our charitable funder, the City Bridge Trust, London’s largest independent funder, makes grants of £20 million a year to reduce inequality and tackle disadvantage.

How will you celebrate City Giving Day? 

We aim to turn Guildhall red! We will be celebrating the fantastic volunteering that our staff are engaged with through photos and case studies. To show support, employees are being asked to wear red, and pledge to use their 14 hours employer supported volunteering leave in the next twelve months.

Which charity are you supporting, why are you supporting it? 

City Bridge Trust and the City of London Corporation currently support over 500 partners, from city farms to critical counselling projects, and that’s one of the areas where our volunteers might donate their time and skills.

“City Giving Day is a chance for every company, organisation and individual to ask themselves what they can give back, and we are very proud to be part of it.”

 John Barradell, Town Clerk and Chief Executive, City of London Corporation

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