30 March

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City Giving Day is good for your business

Since its inception, Leyton has been committed to sustainable development by initiating and supporting various projects dedicated to social and environmental causes. Over the past few years, City Giving Day has gone from strength to strength, and has provided Leyton with an incredible opportunity to promote the work we are doing with both local charities and those further afield. We have been involved for the past 5 years now and the enthusiasm and passion from the Leyton employees over that time has grown exponentially. We have found that providing an opportunity for our team to participate in activities such as STEM learning with local schools, tree planting in urban areas, charity bike rides and golf tournaments has brought the team even closer together and shows our employees that we are focussing on the values that they hold close to their hearts. Our volunteering participation has grown over the years and we are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to get our employees involved. City Giving Day has also provided a unique opportunity to reach out to new organisations and build partnerships with other charitable organisations that share our values.

Mark Petty, Head of Strategic Alliances, Leyton UK

City Giving Day is good for your employees  

After 5 years of being involved in City Giving Day we decided to take the plunge and host our own event, the City Masters Golf Tournament! This event involved teams of four competing against each other across 18 holes in the morning, followed by a charity auction and raffle in the afternoon. Although we experienced some fairly unpredictable weather on the day, the effort was more than worthwhile and the tournament was a great success. It was wonderful to bring together a variety of companies from across the city for a day of fun and fundraising. Although our team didn’t bring home the trophy, a great day was had by all!

Jessica Bayley, Marketing Manager, Leyton UK

City Giving Day is good for your charity partners   

“Volunteers are the workforce behind the completion and preservation of our projects, without them we could not do what we do. Leyton’s hard work planting 500 trees at Ripple Greenway will help us reach our target of over 4000 trees in this area and will help to clean the air for local residents.”

Trees for Cities

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