Educating young people, using music to develop the skills and talents that young people need to succeed in 21st century Britain.

Providing opportunities for people from all backgrounds to experience, participate and learn.

None of this transformative work can happen without the critical support from appeals, trusts, foundations, charitable partners, individual supporters and corporate partners.

The need to secure the future of these programmes is now more urgent than ever to guarantee access to cultural activity for young people, many of whom are in challenging circumstances.

LSO Discovery

Young people are at the heart of LSO Discovery’s work to educate, support and inspire music-making – right through from infancy to adulthood.

LSO Discovery is the London Symphony Orchestra’s pioneering community and education programme. Launched in 1990 and currently provides music-making and learning opportunities for over 60,000 people every year.

  • 950 Around 950 LSO Discovery workshops happen every year

  • 72 72 LSO Discovery workshops for under-5s took place last year

In the classroom

LSO On Track’s special schools programme encourages creative music-making in the classroom, through close and consistent contact with LSO musicians, devising ways of working, nurturing the talent of teachers and young people, and the creation of opportunities to share work with each other and with an audience.

It began with LSO musicians visiting the school to talk to a group of students, playing a range of music that interested everyone involved – participants and players alike. Culminating in a short performance of music devised by students working with the LSO team.

  • 18,000 18,000 young people involved in LSO On Track since 2009

Bexley North Orchestra

Growing up in one of the most socially disadvantaged and culturally-isolated areas of London with very little access to music-making opportunities.

Creation of the Bexley North Borough Orchestra was designed to combat these challenges, bringing young musicians together on Saturday afternoons during the autumn and spring terms to continue development of their instrumental skills, rehearse alongside professional LSO musicians, receive mentoring from older, more experienced musicians, and experience the thrill of live music performance.

"Bringing young musicians together to experience the thrill of live music performance."

In Performance

Drawing children from local primary schools, the orchestra’s membership more than doubled in 12 weeks, from first workshop to a half-term concert watched by parents. The intensive contact of the orchestra with the children allowed the music service to give scholarships, and one member of BNBO is now a regular member of an ensemble at the Sidcup Centre.

"They may never have had the chance
to develop her skills and experience without the creation of these life-changing opportunities”. 

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The funds raised from the Lord Mayor’s Appeal will support LSO Discovery, St Paul’s Music Outreach and Music in Hospitals, enabling them to continue their valuable work into the future.

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