Supporting children and young people to improve their wellbeing through the joy and therapeutic benefits of live music.

Whether performed in parks outdoors or in community centres and hospitals, and whether they’re playing an instrument, singing or watching and listening, live music can make people healthier and happier.

A musical lifeline

Being in hospital, in full time care can be a difficult and daunting time, no matter the age of those involved.

Music in Hospitals provides over 4,500 interactive performances in hospitals, hospices, care homes and day centres in England every year and has a strong heritage and depth of knowledge in providing these sessions to best effect.

The LSO too works regularly in hospitals, including with young people with chronic illnesses – and in centres for children under 5, many with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

"Music has been proven to have dramatically positive effects – decreasing stress in a challenging environment, providing welcome distraction from pain and discomfort, lifting spirits and bringing calm."

LSO in Children's Centres

The LSO regularly visits children’s centres and last year provided thirty interactive workshops across East and North East London. The Orchestra’s partners at the centres know the effect that music-making can have on the children when they learn new songs, join in musical games, create their own music and hear about the instruments of the orchestra.

Over the course of the sessions, children’s confidence grows and communication and language skills develop.

"The children paused in a very still quiet moment, absorbed in the sound they had just heard and their own response to it. Awe and wonder!"

Music in Hospitals

Since 1948, the charity Music in Hospitals has been improving the health and wellbeing of children and who find themselves in healthcare.

Providing the therapeutic benefits of live music, Music in Hospitals delivers around 4,500 live music sessions across the healthcare spectrum throughout the UK.

500 In the last 12 months alone, Music in Hospitals has provided around 500 live music sessions in a variety of healthcare venues across the City and Greater London.

Pam's Story

"My husband Peter and I started to attend regular 'Singing With Dementia' sessions, for which Music in Hospitals has provided musicians. Very soon I realised that, as well as enjoying the sessions, the music was having a positive effect on both of us.

Peter joined in with the songs when his dementia was less severe. As his dementia progressed, he still enjoyed singing the songs he remembered. As verbal communication became more difficult for him I could see by his reactions how much he enjoyed the music.

"If he was sad, the music lifted his spirits, and as a result, mine as well. The music was excellent therapy and we always came away from the sessions smiling and feeling better than when we arrived”. 

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The funds raised from the Lord Mayor’s Appeal will support LSO Discovery, St Paul’s Music Outreach and Music in Hospitals, enabling them to continue their valuable work into the future.

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