• A problem shared is a problem halved - research shows that talking openly about emotional and mental wellbeing can make a real difference, and in some cases can save lives.

    This is Me helps raise awareness through the Green Ribbon Campaign, #endthestigma, and open up the conversation through This is Me Storytelling. Register to receive your 'How to participate guide'.

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  • Key Facts

    Close to 800 organisations are registered for This is Me

    of organisations who said their employees are more confident talking about mental health as a result of their This is Me campaign

    of organisations who said This is Me had raised awareness around mental health in their workplace

    Over 150,000 green ribbons worn across the UK during Mental Health Awareness Week

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Transforming the culture

We launched our This is Me campaign on World Mental Health Day 2016 to help support our internal wellbeing initiatives.

We saw the power of This Is Me Storytelling to normalise the disclosure of mental health issues, allowing staff to be open about their needs which in turn facilitates a supportive, inclusive workplace. This, coupled with the green ribbon campaign, enables us to visibly demonstrate our commitment to ending the stigma around mental health. We are proud to take this out to our clients and the business community, showing our support and opening the dialogue on addressing mental health in the workplace.

We would encourage all businesses in the City and across the UK to follow in our footsteps and bring This is Me to their workplace.


The impact of being involved in This is Me is seen across the organisation, from improving our own internal wellbeing and engagement metrics, now at an all-time high, to encouraging talent within the organisation. We are continuing to integrate mental health awareness into our workplace culture.

Our involvement in This is Me has helped transform the culture at Coutts and has had a positive impact in reducing the stigma around mental health at work. We would encourage all businesses in the City and across the UK to follow in our footsteps and bring This is Me to their workplace.

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