Our Mission

A pioneering mental health campaign, which aims to reduce the stigma of mental health and dispel the myths around mental health in the workplace and to raise awareness of wellbeing.

We are committed to changing attitudes towards mental health: Organisations collaborating to build inclusive workplace cultures. Reducing stigma, dispelling myths and improving employee wellbeing for good.

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The Initiative

In partnership with businesses and mental health charities across the UK, the campaign does this by encouraging employees who have experienced mental health problems to share their stories with colleagues via a video message or other medium.

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Key Numbers

  • 900,000

    Launched in 2016, This is Me has already reached over 900,000 people.

  • 550

    Companies are registered

  • 150

    Organisations launched the campaign and shared employee stories

Roll Out

With the help of funding from Nesta, DCMS and the Cabinet Office, through the Inclusive Economy Partnership, we are launching This is Me in regions across the UK, including the North West and Scotland.

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This is...

“I am the Head of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement at UBS Wealth Management in London. 

With hindsight, I should have had treatment much earlier; it took a complete breakdown in my thirties to make me sit up and pay attention to my mental state. I was diagnosed with OCD, severe anxiety and depression, and embarked on a long road of therapy and medication.

I had a terrible experience when I disclosed this to my then-boss. He told me he "didn't believe in depression", and that really shocked me. Since then I've made it my goal to be as open as possible about mental health, particularly when I've had line management responsibility of my own.

I'm passionate about helping to change the culture which prevents us from talking about it, and stops us being our authentic selves.”

Lyssa has led the campaign at UBS Wealth Management and shared her personal mental health story with employees.

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