26 September

The Green Ribbon Campaign is back!

Together we can #endthestigma of Mental Health

Imagine everywhere you go during World Mental Health Day you see thousands of people showing they want to help #endthestigma of mental health by wearing a green ribbon.

The Green Ribbon Campaign, led by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, alongside This is Me – in the City, helps #endthestigma of mental health. The green ribbon has the simple, but powerful, message of “Together we can #endthestigma” and will be worn by thousands of employees across the City and beyond during

All you need to know about the ribbons

The stigma of mental health is such a huge issue in organisations and for individuals and we want to address this. We are asking organisations to invite their employees to wear a green ribbon as a visible sign of support and to help destigmatise mental health by:

  • Creating a visible movement of support for ending the stigma
  • Showing those struggling that there is support and they are not alone
  • Demonstrating the level of support for this issue in your organisation
  • Encouraging people to share their story and to create an inclusive cultures workplace.

The Ribbons: We ask businesses to wear green ribbons to enable organisations to support their employees with their mental health and wellbeing.

  • A visible movement of support in your workplace.
  • Show those struggling they are not alone.
  • Encourage people to share their stories.

All our electronic resources for the Green Ribbon campaign are available on our This is Me Resources Hub which allowed companies to download everything in one go and organise the campaign.

Order your ribbons now!


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