22 August

City Stories: Canary Wharf Group

Why are you supporting City Giving Day? 

City Giving Day is a great day to highlight the successful business, community and charity partnerships that exist. Canary Wharf Group partners with many different organisations to support the communities close to our developments and this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate these with our own staff.

Which charities or communities do you support? 

Our focus starts in our own community. As we have a presence in Tower Hamlets and Lambeth, these are our priority areas; we want local people to feel the benefits that come from our developments so support projects that support community cohesion, training and skills.

How will you celebrate City Giving Day?

We are very pleased to be hosting the very first ‘Tour De Wharf’ in Canada Place, Canary Wharf, a satellite version of the successful ‘Tour de City’. The iconic One Canada Square tower will be flashing red, supporting #GORED for the day – to help the LMA raise funds and awareness for the day.

Which charity are you supporting, why are you supporting it? 

East End Community Foundation helps Canary Wharf Group to direct our support to the areas of the community where it is most needed, through training programmes and community events.

“We are thrilled to join other companies, charities and communities to celebrate City Giving Day and hope that this campaign continues to grow at Canary Wharf over the coming years.”

Sir George Iacobescu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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