13 March

This is Me 2021 launch event welcomes 170 people

On Wednesday 3 March, we held our annual This is Me 2021 Launch Event.. The successful webinar saw 170 attendees from across the UK and overseas come together. Many of them were at the very start of their This is Me journey.

We were delighted to be joined by The Lord Mayor who gave an inspiring address reflecting on the story so far. He shared how The Green Ribbon Campaign, This is Me Storytelling, and Wellbeing in the Workplace has grown over the last five years. Even in 2021, despite the challenges, over 230 organisations took part in the Green Ribbon campaign, over 300 organisations shared employee stories and more than 10,000 people used our Wellbeing in the Workplace training.

Mark Rowland, CEO, Mental Health Foundation, chaired the event and shared his personal experience of bereavement by suicide and his deep commitment to psychological safety at work.

We watched a powerful and moving This is Me storytelling film, created by UBS last year when everyone was working remotely.

We heard from Alan Rankin,Sellafield Ltd, and Zoe Hazelton,Kearney, on how they have implemented and used the This is Me tools in their businesses, providing great insights and practical advice for our attendees. Cathy Pitt, fromCMS, shared her personal mental health story and the positive impact participating in a This is Me Storytelling Campaign had, not only on her but on CMS as well. 

Richard Martin, Co-Chair of the This is Me Steering Group, wrapped up with a summary of the This is Me tools and resources available, to support businesses on their journey and a reminder of the story and impact so far. We now have over 1000 businesses registered with This Is Me - and 86% of those organisations say people speak more openly about mental health as a result.

Keep an eye on our events calendar for future webinars in 2021.

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