24 March at 12:30pm-1:30pm

Lunch and Learn Webinar with MQ Mental Health Research

Taking place on Friday March 24 from 12.30pm – 1.30pm, our Lunch & Learn webinar will introduce new charity partner, MQ Mental Health Research to the corporate partners of The Lord Mayor’s Appeal. The informative session will give an insight into MQ’s work as the UK’s leading mental health research charity, the impact of their support in shining a light on mental health illnesses so they can be effectively treated and eventually prevented, and the different ways corporate businesses in the City and beyond can get involved.

The one-hour session will focus on corporate volunteering opportunities – highlighting how businesses can engage and develop employees individually while amplifying their wider social impact by increasing company-wide awareness of mental health in the workplace.

Led by MQ Mental Health Research CEO, Lea Milligan who will be joined by representatives from The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and MQ Mental Health Research, the 60-minute Lunch & Learn zoom session will share the work taking place by the charity, dive into research findings around mental health and wellbeing, lived experience of mental illnesses, cover the future of mental health research and a live Q&A session.

Register for the Lunch & Learn webinar with MQ Mental Health Research here

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