11 June at 9:00am-11:00am

How Can We Improve Men’s Physical and Mental Health?

Date: Tuesday 11 June
Time: 09:00am - 11:00am
Location: Pannell House, 6 Queen Street Leeds LS1 2TW


This is Me Yorkshire and This is Me North West are holding a vital discussion about men's physical and mental health, with speakers Jamie Peacock MBE and Luke Ambler.

survey of 1,000 men in the UK found that 40% have never spoken to anyone about their own mental health.

It also found the biggest cause of mental health issues in men’s lives to be work (32%), finances (31%) and health (23%).

With Men’s Health Week taking place between 10 and 16 June 2024, the This is Me Yorkshire and North West regions are coming together to highlight the importance of men’s mental wellness, and the challenges that many men face in talking about and seeking support for it, whether on a personal level or in the workplace.

Our free-to-attend breakfast event on 11 June 2024 at Burberry's Leeds HQ (6 Queen Street, Leeds, LS1 2TW) aims to inspire, motivate and provide attendees with ideas and information that will help them to prioritise their own mental wellness, and better support others.


So we are delighted to have James Peacock MBE onboard as a keynote speaker. Jamie is a motivational speaker, leadership mentor and former professional rugby league footballer. He will talk about sports, leadership and mental health. As one of the most famous Rugby League players of all time, captaining England and Great Britain, he brings a keen insight into what makes a strong leader and how to inspire others to be their best.

We are honoured to have Luke Ambler speaking as well. Luke is also a former professional rugby league player and is Co-Founder and Chair of ANDYSMANCLUB, the fantastic suicide prevention charity that aims to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health and create a judgment-free, confidential space where men can be open about the storms in their lives. Luke is also an inspiring motivational speaker, storyteller, mental health ambassador and coach who focuses on personal development, improving confidence and mental health, and developing a controlled mindset. He will bring crucial insight into men’s mental health to the event.

We will be adding more inspirational speakers to this fantastic line-up soon.

This event is ideal for local businesses and their employees with an interest in boosting mental health within the workplace. There are only a limited number of spots available so reserve yours now.

This is Me Yorkshire and This is Me North West will also be present to discuss storytelling as a means of changing attitudes towards mental health in the workplace and supporting organisations to create healthier and more inclusive workplaces in Yorkshire and the North West.

About This is Me Yorkshire

This Is Me Yorkshire is the regional arm of the national This is Me campaign, led by The Lord Mayor's Appeal.

Our goal is to destigmatise Mental Health, Neurodiversity, and Disability in business by encouraging people to share their personal stories.

We are leaders, advocates, and real people, with lived experience.

Stretching from east to west, north to south, our committee works throughout the Yorkshire region to ensure business leaders know the support This is Me can bring to their colleagues, employees, and the workplace.

We live our mission through events, shared resources, campaigns, and storytelling.

As part of our Mental Health campaign, you and your business will gain the tools and confidence to share your experiences.

About This is Me North West

Founded in 2016 by the City of London based Lord Mayor’s Appeal, alongside partners like Mind, Barclays and Time to Change, This is Me is a pioneering campaign that empowers employers of all shapes and sizes by building understanding and awareness, through the creation of a platform that allows employees to share their stores of ill mental health aiding to dispel myths and eradicate the stigma in the workplace.

Since our groundbreaking North West campaign launch in May 2018, our purpose has been to increase awareness of the This is Me campaign by; growing participation, improving the quality of events and tackling challenges that have prevented businesses from being actively involved in the past.

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