Networks Roundtable

Power of Inclusion held their first Networks Roundtable hosted by London Stock Exchange Group on Wednesday 17th July 2019.  The aim of this event was to bring together senior sponsors and network members to provide best practise and advice on how to make their networks effective within their organisations. The event was held in the evening, in response to feedback from Power of Inclusion members.

Cherron Inko Tariah from The Power of Networks chaired the evening and brought a great energy to the room. The evening was opened by Alison Haig – Davis, Group Head of Organisational Development and Capability at London Stock Exchange Group who talked about the power of networks within the workplace, in relation to creating inclusive work environments.

Justine Lutterodt, Elias Westerdhal both from Synchronous Leadership and Kunle Babarinde from Audacity shared research on Mindful Exclusion that Synchronous Leadership will be launching later this year and will form the foundation for Audacity, an organisation of networks that will help to create better businesses. Themes covered include what it means to be a changemaker within the workplace, the functions of networks for different stakeholders, the stages that networks go through and how to have the right balance between passion and strategic buy in.

Attendees of the night remarked that the “sharing of good practice is incredibly valuable and getting people’s insight is very helpful in ‘pausing and thinking’ and they learnt a lot about the pitfalls and strengths of networks”.

Overall, 95% would recommend the Networks Roundtable to others and 90% of attendees felt that the event was great for getting insight from fellow attendees. Based on this success, The Lord Mayors Appeal will look to offer a range of formats for Power of Inclusion members in our 2020 programme.

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