30 May

An Introduction to the City of London

An Introduction to the City of London (Domine Dirige Nos) by Jenifer Andersen has now reached a milestone of over 100 copies sold since its release in April.

The book which features a foreword with foreword by The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of the City of London Alderman William Russell is a unique introductory visual guide and essential reading for anyone with an interest in the City of London and its traditions. 

Full of fun facts and illustrations readers can learn all about the history of the Square Mile, geography, wards, people, livery companies and a year in the life of civic London. The book, which is handmade, costs £15, with £5 from each sale going to The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

Author Jenifer Andersen said “I wanted to have a mini-encyclopaedia of all things related to the City in an easy-to-read format, so I set about writing it myself! The areas I covered were the geography of the Square Mile including the Wards, what the Corporation of London does and how elections work, a who’s who in the civic party as well as information on the livery companies.   A chapter on history from the Roman era was added to give some context.   The book was written during lockdown at a time when charitable giving was down and so I decided to use the profits from the book to donate to The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.”   

You can get your copy of the book now from Etsy or via Amazon

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