15 May

Music to help your mental health

Over the years much research has shown the benefits that music can have with various mental health conditions. Listening to music can help to reduce anxiety and pain as well as improving concentration, sleep, and mood. 

We all have that song that can helps us in darker times, that we reach to play to help lift our mood or those lyrics we long to hear, that help us feel that we aren’t alone. Music can be hugely powerful in our lives and so as Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close the team at The Lord Mayor’s Appeal have put together some of their favourite ‘happy’ songs. What would you choose as your song?

Spokes by Sam Kelly

‘It feels like a song about recovery, time and being alone at times (my interpretation anyway) and he is an amazing musician who always cheers me up.’

Listen here

Dancing Queen by Abba

‘It reminds me of family parties and fun nights out. Always a great mood lifter.’

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Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude

‘I love a bit of old skool garage and this song always puts a smile on my face and lifts my mood.’

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Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

‘It’s not really a happy song, but if there’s an ear worm stuck in my head that I can’t get rid of, I sing a bit of ‘Come on Eileen’ and that sorts it.’

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Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves

‘As it is always uplifting and makes me feel happy.’

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Hop, Skip & Jump by Anita Tucker

‘A song that will forever make me smile. It’s the song my husband and I did our wedding dance to. I have wonderful memories of us going to Lindy hop dance lessons to choreograph the dance. Then of course the wedding day was filled with so much love and laughter and we were surrounded by family & friends. I was so nervous doing the dance and messed a few of the steps up and had to style it out – it makes me laugh every time I think about it.’

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Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffin

‘This song is very much my go to song for many things as I love the beach, the sand, watching the sun go down and find it peaceful and evocative.’

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‘You Make my Dreams’ - Hall & Oates 

‘This just has such a great melody and you really can’t listen to it without tapping your feet or wanting to get up and move around a bit. It always makes me smile and feel a little happier however sad I might be feeling at that moment.’

Listen here 

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