3 May

Why I Wear The Green Ribbon: Phil Canale

It has long been understood that a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce with mental health now a key part of the conversation. Organisations are forever innovating when it comes to finding new ways to help support their staff to thrive at work. If, however, there is a common thread that is required to make the myriad approaches adopted a success, it is awareness. If you build it, they will come. Provided they know where it is or indeed that it has been built…. 

The Green Ribbon Campaign is a visible show of support for all those experiencing poor mental health and a commitment to #EndTheStigma that surrounds mental health. It is a symbol that says you are open to conversation and are committed to creating a positive workplace culture. We all know the power of commonality and kinship, be that seeing someone wearing your favourite teams kit, learning that your desk buddy also spends far too much money on their dog or shares your love for Fleetwood Mac.  This is why so many causes choose to adopt a visible sign of support or kinship to show people that they are not alone in whatever they may be facing.

Now worn in over 90 cities worldwide with tens of thousands of ribbons distributed each year, the Green Ribbon has become a truly global campaign. In our new blog series, we will be sitting down with individuals from across the City of London and beyond to find out why they wear the Green Ribbon and how it has helped their organisation.

This month we sat down with Phil Canale, International Business Planning Manager and Global Co-Chair of HEART, BNY Mellon’s Diverse Abilities Resource Group

“I first became involved with our Diverse Abilities Network at BNY Mellon because of my mother's disability.  The great thing about the network is the sheer breadth of areas we focus on, and mental health was, and continues to be a priority.  Over the last decade I have witnessed the increased normalisation of mental health in the workplace, and I firmly believe this is down to the many people who have stepped out of the shadows and spoken about their mental health journey.  

There can be no doubt that storytelling is central to this success, and the Green Ribbon is a visible demonstration of what is most often invisible. I have faced my own demons and found that being open and speaking about mental health helped me in my recovery.  I wasn't ashamed, and my openness allowed others to understand, to empathise, and dare I say it, to compensate.

Today at BNY Mellon we have over 300 colleagues trained as Mental Health Champions, we have films that tell the stories of colleagues, we have support from the very top of our organisation for practicing good mental health, and we have policies, strategies and support in place to help colleagues.  I encourage you to wear a green ribbon and be counted - show that mental health matters.”

Find out more about The Lord Mayor’s Appeal This is Me initiative including the Green Ribbon Campaign here

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