4 March

This is Me campaign

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‘This is Me’ is a pioneering City wide mental health campaign, initiated and led by the Lord Mayor’s Appeal team under the Lord Mayor's 2016 Power of Diversity programme in partnership with Barclays, Business Healthy, City Mental Health Alliance and Mind. City A.M. are kindly also supporting the initiative.

Our aim is to reduce the stigma around mental health in the workplace and to raise awareness of wellbeing. We will do this by encouraging employees who have experienced a mental health problem to share their story with colleagues via a video message or other medium.

To find out more about why mental health is an important topic in the City watch this video here.

This is Me

‘This is Me’ is based on a highly successful campaign first developed by Barclays, who have successfully run it for two years and have seen a significant change in the way mental health is talked about within their organisation. Initially, ten colleagues shared their story via video, which escalated to more than 150, with the videos being watched by more than 50,000 of their 60,000 UK employees. It has now gone global within Barclays. The campaign has significantly changed the culture, with more employees at Barclays now aware that while a mental health problem is something that any one of us can experience, it does not define us, limit what we can achieve or restrict the job we can do.

The Breakfast

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal team and the campaign’s partner organisations will be holding engagement breakfast on Friday 4th March where we will outline the campaign and its benefits and talk through how organisations can take part and the support they will receive to make it a success.

Attendees will hear from the partner organisations and their experts on how this initiative will be a major step in helping to address mental health and well being in the workplace as well as from key people within Barclays on how they ran their campaign, its impact and lessons learned.

If you are interested in attending the breakfast email us by Friday 19th February to diversity@thelordmayorsappeal.org.  

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