10 April

London Market Dinner

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For the first time since its inception The Lord Mayor’s Appeal hosted a City fundraiser attended by insurance companies from all over the world with operations in the London Market.

The inaugural London Market Dinner sold out in a record time and was the biggest event to date for The Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Over 530 people attended from across the insurance sector, with business competitors sitting side by side, to raise an incredible £285,000 net for four charities.  

In a keynote speech at the event, The Lord Mayor Charles Bowman, proud Alderman for Lime Street Ward said:

 “This is a unique market, one of the pillars of the City of London. It is a perfect demonstration of the creative energy that sets our city apart. Since it emerged 351 years ago after the Great Fire of London, the London Market is the oldest, and still the most important, insurance market in the world.

There is a phrase you will have heard around the City: “My word is my bond”. The importance of this phrase was made evident nearly 112 years ago, when in the wake of the April 1906 Californian earthquake disaster, Cuthbert Heath responded with the simple instruction, “Pay all claims.”

On the back of that response was formed a thriving relationship between the US–UK insurance industries. This evening’s event demonstrates the continuing strength of that relationship – established essentially by mutual personal trust between client, broker and underwriter.”

Dominic Christian, Global Chairman of Aon Benfield and Committee Chair said:

 “Very proudly, over five hundred members of the insurance community from over fifty companies came together to support these important causes, enjoy each other’s company and raise the voice of insurance in the City and beyond. No doubt we will do so again.”

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