29 September

What are you doing for World Mental Health Day?

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This is Me has kept us busy this summer, visiting Downing Street and rolling out the campaign nationwide. As World Mental Health Day approaches, on Wednesday 10th October, we’re so pleased to hear from all of the organisations who are using this as an opportunity to share their stories for the first time.

Whatever you want to do to mark World Mental Health Day, this is a perfect opportunity for you to galvanise more support for ending the stigma around mental health in your organisation so we’ve pulled together some tips.  

  • Shortlisted for a prestigious Learning Technology award, give your employees the confidence to support each by asking them to register for Wellbeing in the City, a free quick e-learning from Samaritans to help your workforce learn how to spot the signs of emotional distress and to offer help. Try out the tools  and run an open session using the discussion cards provided.
  • Organise an event, big or small - from Frazzled Cafes, to mindfulness sessions, to a panel event with internal or external speakers sharing experiences, do something different to raise funds for mental health charities by putting on a Depressed Cake sale, a Tea & Talk for Mental Health Foundation, a Crafternoon for Mind, or donating to Samaritans. Go green for the day, ask your employees to dig out their green ribbons and raise money for The Lord Mayors Appeal.
  • Create a plan and take action! Sign the Time to Change pledge or take a look at some of the tools and resources available on the new Mental Health at Work Online Gateway.

Don’t forget to tell us what you are up to! Put your communications team directly in touch with us here to let us know your plans.

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